Ho'Oponopono is a traditional Hawaiian healing method that aims to heal internal barriers.

I talk about it because we forget sometimes to use this powerfull healing method. 

The basic principles of Ho'Oponopono are simple and yet very radical:

- You are 100% responable for your own life and for what happens in the world around you

- You have a divine, pure, eternal soul

- By no loger opposing to your lifebut accept the NOW moment as it is, you can bring healing

- the quieter you are inside and the more you actually live in the now, your world will be more peaceful

- by healing yourself, you heal the world around you

With these sentences you can come to stilness, healing & peace : I am sorry - I accept - I love me - Thank you.

Love Christine

Aunty Mahealani

Aunty Mahealani

THINKChristine Moens